UNDP Evaluation Office

National Evaluation Capacities Conference (NEC 2017), 16-20 October 2017, Istanbul Turkey

EES was a technical partner of the National Evaluation Capacities 2017, a conference organized by  UNDP and The Government of Turkey, with a particular focus on the SDG’s. This partnership revealed to be very strategical for EES as we manage to engage a very eclectic audience of the evaluation ecosystem.

After the conference NEC conference 2017 Mariana Branco of the EES Board interviewed Jos Vaessen and Fredrik Korfker as she wanted to hear our impressions about the conference. We looked back at a very interesting and stimulating conference with participants from many developing countries. Click on the link to wach the interview: ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-p9aP1Eb_I&t=179s 

Learn more information about the TWG on Private Sector contribution to the NEC conference 2017 here.

The NEC conference 2017 was also a stage for Emerging Evaluators activities. Check this blogpost to learn more about the TWG on Emerging Evaluators contribution to the conference and how NEC 2017 enabled the development of the group!

Note: photo credits IEO/UNDP