Contribution of the TWG Emerging Evaluators at the NEC 2017

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Over the course of the NEC conference EES thematic working group on young and emerging evaluators organized activities dedicated to junior evaluation professionals. Amongst those activities where:

(1) Presentation session, where YEEs had the opportunity to learn more about EES and the TWG for emerging evaluators. It was also a moment where YEEs had the chance to meet each other.

(2) Lunch gatherings to promote networking amongst emerging evaluator;

(3) Career path session, moderated by Joss Vassen, to debate the skills and career paths within the evaluation profession;

(4) Meeting with the representative of Eval Youth to debate potential partnership.

As a result of these activities:

  1. More than 40 participants attended the presentation session and around 18 YEEs participated in the Career Paths session.
  2. During the event a WhatsApp group was created to support communications. After more than 3 months the group counts with 60 participants. The group is still active and became a platform where YEEs exchange work opportunities, events and advices.
  3. The YEEs events EES straighten the dialog between EES and Turkish emerging evaluation professionals. As a result a partnership was developed and we are now collaborating on a funding application to enhance Turkey evaluation capacity.
  4. This conference was critical to straightened the relations between the EES TWG for Young and Emerging Evaluators and EvalYouth. We are now planning to gather efforts in the promotion of M&E within the European Boundaries.


Learn more information about EES participation at the NEC conference 2017:

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