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Accelerating the delivery of SDGs by advocating for stronger evaluation capacities and evidence-based policies through a globally coordinated campaign

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The Decade of EVALUATION for action, also the Eval4Action campaign, calls upon all actors, everywhere to accelerate the delivery of Sustainable Development Goals, by advocating for stronger evaluation capacities and evidence-based policies.

Only 10 years are left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations Secretary-General is asking everyone to mobilize ambitious and urgent action to deliver the Goals by 2030. Eval4Action is aligned to this call, as strong evaluation has the highest multiplier effect on sustainable development.

Eval4Action will promote widespread recognition on evaluation being critical to achieve the Global Goals, and to mobilize commitments to invest in stronger evaluation systems and capacities.

Moreover, as the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, a coordinated push for influential evaluation is even more relevant to ensure response and recovery is backed by evidence. A global coalition is urgently needed to address the gaps in evaluation, to ensure we continue to reach the Global Goals together by 2030, and in particular to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. The time for accelerated and coordinated action on evaluation systems and capacities is now.

Influential evaluation. Better decisions. Better policies. Better results.

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