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Video interviews with Conference Speakers conducted by yEES! volunteers Lea Corsetti, Enes Kacatopcu, Esther Winston Ngulwa, and Supun Sandanayaka, and edited by Cristina Cribillers.

More information about the conference can be found at:

EES Conference BlueJeans Onboarding for Speakers

Introduction video by Daniele Lamarque, EES President

EES President Daniele Lamarque and Vice President Tom Ling explain how EES is going virtual for its September Conference

Interview with Conference leadership May Pettigrew

Interview with Ronald Obuku

Interview with Dr. Patton

Interview with Andy Rowe

Interview with Keryn Hassall

Interview with Asela Kalugampitiya

Interview with Astrid Brousselle

Interview with Scott Chaplowe