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Date(s) - 25/11/2022


Wellspring Philanthropic Fund’s Global Children’s Rights (GCR)


Location: Ability to travel to Washington DC is preferred but not required

The GCR team has developed a 5-year strategy with a theory of change, the four themes, and corresponding goals, objectives, and five-year outcomes and has started implementing the strategy in 2022. GCR utilized an Emergent Learning Framework tool to develop implementation approaches on the selected outcomes and would like to incorporate this into our approach. GCR will develop an evaluation plan in 2023 and would like to do some pre-work which will inform our evaluation plan as described below in the Scope of Work section. GCR is also moving forward on efforts to create baselines for selected outcomes which is occurring concurrently. The team would like to learn more to develop approaches that align with social justice values. GCR’s social justice values include power shifting and sharing; intersectional feminism; locally informed, generated and led; learning and adaptability; accountability; foster authentic trusting and collaborative relationships and partnerships; and situating in evidence and experience.

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Closing Date: 25 November 2022