Polish Evaluation Society 3rd International Congress of Evaluation “Evaluation as crossing borders”

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Date(s) - 18/10/2021 - 22/10/2021


On 22nd October 2021, the Polish Evaluation Society (PES) organizes its 3rd Evaluation Congress
entitled “Evaluation as crossing borders” that refers to the heritage of transformational evaluation activities
and to its contemporary national and international challenges. We will point out for the need of revalue
and significant changes in bureaucratical and managerial practices of evaluation as a social action. The
search for new standards should transcend dangerous tendencies to over-schematize, duplicate, and
unified and often technocratic canons of evaluation. PES wants to ask questions about the possibility of
exceeding the limits that have developed in the evaluation itself, its individual concepts, but also in ways of
real impact on the projects evaluated. Today’s evaluation must therefore be ready for a flexible redefinition
of itself at a time of changing conditions for its implementation, and it must also be ready for the changing
realities of its context and applications.

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Agenda of the 3rd Evaluation Congress 22.10.2021

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