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Date(s) - 07/06/2021 - 11/06/2021


In order to ensure that governmental policies are effective and serve the peoples needs, we need to strengthen the development of rigor evidence for better policymaking. This was endorsed by the international conference Evidence for Policymakers in The Hague. The meeting also emphasized the need for international exchange of expertise between researchers, science advisors, policymakers, evaluators and knowledge brokers to professionalize this.

The conference noted that the Evidence Act in the USA gives new momentum to the “Evidence Movement” and therefore the conference organizers will organize a 5 half-day training course in Washington DC, where we welcome both virtual and on-site participation. This course will combine the best available expertise in Washington DC with some leading experts outside the USA with very different professional backgrounds. They will demonstrate how to build evidence for more effective policies. Each session will be taught in an interactive manner and includes collective exercises, taking into account the participants’ particular aims and needs. Participants are working on the interface between evidence creation and policymaking. They will receive a recently published book on this subject written by Kathy Newcomer and Nick Hart, who both also produced a report on establishing a learning government.

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