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The EES’ VEPR is currently being revised. More information will be added to this web page shortly.

What is the EES’ VEPR?

The EES’ VEPR is a low-cost, structured and personally customised process of professional development involving self-assessment and self-reflection around the EES Evaluator Capabilities.

The EES’ VEPR model is designed to help evaluation practitioners, in any evaluation role, to identify your own particular practice issues, and develop creative, practical solutions to those.

It combines guided self-reflection and collegial dialogue with two trained VEPR Peer Reviewers who are senior EES members, via email and videoconferencing, through rigorous but non-judgmental peer support.

The review process is completely confidential, allowing you to focus exclusively on your evaluation practice issues. The EES’ VEPR process helps you to reflect critically on what you do and why, how your practice can be enhanced, and how to plan and implement your own professional development.