2020 World Evaluation Case Competition

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2020 World Evaluation Case Competition


In the World Evaluation Case Competition, teams of students from countries around the globe, working online or in-person as appropriate, have 6 to 8 hours to prepare an analysis of an evaluation case and submit it to an international panel of evaluation experts for judging. The competition is in English. Teams that use other languages are provided extra time to prepare their submission.

This short slide show provides a visual depiction of an evaluation case competition process.

2020 is the third year of the competition. In 2018, the winning student team was from England and a team from Chile received honourable mention. Last year, the World Championship went to a team from Nepal. Regional awards went to teams from Canada, Uganda, and the Czech Republic.

The 2020 Competition will take place on November 14th. Teams should register by October 14th. For full information on the competition visit www.worldcasecomp.one.