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Date(s) - 15/07/2024




Date(s): 15 – 26 July 2024

Venue: Univesity of Bern, Switzerland

The IPDET 2024 On-Site Program will take place at University of Bern, Switzerland, from July 15 to 26, 2024!

The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) is a globally recognized and respected player in advanced training in the field of evaluation. The courses and workshops are tailored to the needs of professionals who commission, manage, practice or use evaluations. Participants could attend the entire two weeks or just parts:
• Week 1, Core Course: July 15 – 19, 2024
• Week 2, Workshops: July 22 – 26, 2024
• On-Site Program enrolment deadline: June 7 (Friday)

Week 1: Core Course
IPDET’s one-week Core Course provides the fundamentals of evaluation. As an introductory course, participants gain a comprehensive overview of evaluation and how to do it. The course is designed for those with no or little prior experience in evaluation, as well as for those seeking to refresh and update their basic knowledge.
In 7 modules, the participants learn about the key concepts and approaches, methods, processes, standards and tools for planning, implementation, and utilization of evaluation. The interactive learning environment combines theory and practice through modern didactics.

Week 2: In-depth workshops
The second week provides two sessions of in-depth workshops and allows participants to customize their schedules according to their backgrounds, particular needs, and interests.
• Session one: July 22 – 24, 2024
• Session two: July 25 – 26, 2024
There will be 6 parallel workshops in each Session. Therefore, only one workshop can be booked per Session.

Session 1 line-Up, week 2 | July 22 – 24 | 2.5 days long
I-A: Quantitative Data Collection: Planning and Implementing Surveys instructed by Stefan Silvestrini
I-B: Designing Evaluations instructed by Jos Vaessen
I-C: Quantitative Impact Evaluation instructed by Claudia Maldonado
I-D: Theory-based Causal Analysis: Basics of Process Tracing and QCA instructed by Estelle Raimondo
I-E: From Data to Decisions: Integrating Machine Learning in Evaluation instructed Peter York
I-F: Evaluation at the Nexus of Environment and Development instructed Juha Uitto, Geeta Batra and Anupam Anand

Session 2, week 2 | July 20 – 21 | 2 days long
II-A: Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis instructed by Bassirou Chitou
II-B: From Insights to Influence – Communication Strategies to Amplify Evaluation Utility instructed by Ann-Murray Brown
II-C: Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in Organizations instructed by Reinhard Stockmann and Wolfgang Meyer
II-D: Evaluating Humanitarian Action: Steps, Challenges, and Real-time Learning instructed by Dmytro Kondratenko, Margie Buchanan-Smith and Hana Abul Husn
II-E: Designing and Managing Projects For Results and Evaluability instructed by Stephen Pirozzi and Kamal Siblini
II-F: Evaluation of climate change and development instructed by Sven Harten, Martin Noltz and Alexandra Köngeter

For further details and to book online,  click here.