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Date(s) - 21/05/2024




How can programme designers ensure they find and draw essential lessons from other projects in the same region?

Join us to hear insights and recommendations from our Inclusive Resilience in Somalia Activity.

The Inclusive Resilience in Somalia (IRiS) Activity aims to accelerate economic development for marginalised groups – in the fisheries, livestock, crop and skills development sectors – using a market systems development approach.

This webinar, hosted by BEAM Exchange, will share some of the findings of the evidence review that have helped define the programme’s design interventions.

Join us as we explore case studies identified from similar projects and interventions to:

  • Provide an overview of key findings of the evidence review exercise
  • Discuss examples of programmes identified that had similar results to those IRiS are pursuing
  • Provide recommendations for programmes with similar focuses (MSD, livelihood development, agriculture) to build on and integrate into their programme design
  • Share how IRiS integrated and implemented findings and recommendations into their intervention designs, strategic decisions and Theory of Change revision

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