Ministry for Foreign Affairs Development Evaluation, Finland

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Ministry for Foreign Affairs Development Evaluation, Finland

The Development Evaluation Unit (EVA-11) of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland is responsible for commissioning large-scale evaluations of strategic relevance, which may cover country programmes, specific sectors, or development policy as a whole. Reporting directly to the Under-Secretary of State for Development Policy, EVA-11 is independent of the departments in charge of implementing development cooperation and making policy decisions.

Individual MFA departments and Finnish missions abroad commission evaluations of their own development projects.

The Unit for Development Evaluation participates actively in international and domestic networks that promote the quality of evaluation. The collaboration partners include OECD DAC EvalNet, Nordic Evaluators network, EvalPartnersLink to another website.(Opens New Window) and IOCELink to another website.(Opens New Window) with its numerous partner entities. In Finland, the unit collaborates with government evaluation network and the Finnish Evaluation Society (SAYFES).

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