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Date(s) - 01/04/2024 - 15/04/2024


– Online MEAL course will begin on the 15 of April 2024 and will run for 8 weeks.
– Online KM course will begin on the 1 April 2024 and will run for 7 weeks.

Do you need help with your MEAL plan? Do you want to refresh your knowledge, learn techniques and approaches, or develop a Log Frame? We will help you and your organization become more effective by enhancing MEAL practices. Find out how you can advocate for an effective MEAL system so your organization can become more responsive, strategic, and effective by using information and knowledge for evidence-based decision making.

Join us online or face-to-face

We deliver our MEAL course both online and face-to-face, so you can choose the course that’s right for you and that will help you learn best. Our online course is 8 weeks long and covers the content of our 5-day face-to-face course.

If you want even more MEAL training, you can join our 10-day face to face, or attend days 6-10 after completing our MEAL online course. This second week gives you the opportunity to put your new MEAL learning into practice, working with a live case study and further learning about Theory of Change, Knowledge Management and more. Want to find out more about our MEAL course options? Contact Us, and our team can help.

To learn more about our MEAL course and register HERE
Read our MEAL factsheet HERE

To learn more about our KM course and register HERE
Read our KM factsheet HERE

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate with CPD and HPass accreditation.
The overall price of the online courses is £1400. So Sign Up to our Newsletter today and get 10% off your course place.

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