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22-17 Feb 2021
(Online) Monitoring and Evaluation for Results Training
7-30 Oct 2021
Centre for Industrial Studies : Administrative Officer
7-31 Oct 2021
Centre for Industrial Studies : Internship Position in the Development and Evaluation Studies Unit
7-30 Oct 2021
Centre for Industrial Studies : Junior Researcher on Regional Development, Research and Innovation Policy
13-25 Oct 2021
UK Evaluation Society Autumn Series of Masterclasses
14-26 Oct 2021
Evaluation Officer, P4, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna
16-16 Oct 2021
Webinar: Using Tech for Impact Management - Efiko Academy
18-11 Oct 2021
Better Policymaking through evaluations - Training for Parliaments in Asia Pacific 2021
18-29 Oct 2021
The British Council 2022 Global Evaluation Framework
18-24 Oct 2021
Western Balkan Evaluation Network - 4th Regional Conference of Evaluators
19-26 Oct 2021
How to Optimize Theory of Change
21-15 Oct 2021
In-Depth Learning Opportunities With Eval21 Virtual Workshops
21-3 Oct 2021
Independent Evaluation Consultancy for the Project: ‘Civil Society United Against Torture (2017-2021)’
26-28 Oct 2021
Call for proposals to EvalYouth Regional and National Chapters
26-7 Oct 2021
Decolonial Research Methods webinar series on Gender and Evaluation
26-31 Oct 2021
ISST's online course on Gender Transformative Evaluation 2.0
26-26 Oct 2021
New Job Opening: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
26-2 Oct 2021
Requests for Expressions of Interest: Independent Evaluation of the Second CARICOM Development Fund Contribution Cycle
26-10 Oct 2021
The EES Best Diploma / Masters Thesis Award
26-3 Oct 2021
UNESCO Request for Proposals: “External Evaluation of the project #CoronavirusFacts: Addressing the ‘Disinfodemic’ on Covid-19 in conflict-prone environments”
26-28 Oct 2021
Women in Science: Transdisciplinary Solutions to Global and Community Challenges