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22-17 Feb 2021
(Online) Monitoring and Evaluation for Results Training
13-25 Oct 2021
UK Evaluation Society Autumn Series of Masterclasses
18-29 Oct 2021
The British Council 2022 Global Evaluation Framework
18-24 Oct 2021
Western Balkan Evaluation Network - 4th Regional Conference of Evaluators
21-15 Oct 2021
In-Depth Learning Opportunities With Eval21 Virtual Workshops
26-7 Oct 2021
Decolonial Research Methods webinar series on Gender and Evaluation
26-10 Oct 2021
The EES Best Diploma / Masters Thesis Award
29-24 Oct 2021
Accountability Research Center & Integrity Action webinar: Resolving citizens' complaints: what makes it happen? And who owns the process?
29-30 Oct 2021
Devex Careers - Working in Global Development
29-29 Oct 2021
Eval4Action: Volunteer member of Editorial Board
29-14 Oct 2021
IMA International: Knowledge Management training
29-7 Oct 2021
IMA International: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) training
4-2 Nov 2021
STEPPS Annual: Better Algorithms for Better Policies / Evidence for Policymakers
9-7 Nov 2021
Hands On Outcome Harvesting
12-28 Nov 2021
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Evaluation of the Médecins Sans Frontières OCA's Mission in Uzbekistan for 2011-2021
12-20 Nov 2021
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Evaluation of Country Programme in Nigeria
12-23 Nov 2021
Stockholm Evaluation Unit: RFP - Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) in Conakry HIV Project, Guinea
12-12 Nov 2021
The KonTerra Group: Evaluation & Organizational Learning Senior Advisor, Quality Assurance
15-19 Nov 2021
UK Evaluation Society "Windows on Evaluation Matters 2021"
18-19 Nov 2021
European R&I Policy Evaluation Conference, Vienna, Austria (Deadline for contributions - 31 May)
18-2 Nov 2021
WFP EvalXchange - a series of virtual learning events hosted by the Office of Evaluation
18-2 Nov 2021
World Food Programme: EvalXchange 2021
19-30 Nov 2021
Expression of Interest: Evaluation of the Knowledge Products of the Social and Human Science Sector of UNESCO
19-2 Nov 2021
Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe: International Consultant - Evaluation Expert
19-28 Nov 2021
Scholarship opportunity for YEEs