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Date(s) - 30/11/2023


Discover how AI can empower nonprofits to achieve their goals at our online event – AI for Nonprofits: Unleashing the Power of AI

Date: 30th November 2023
Time: 5-7pm GMT
Location: Online

Join us for an exciting online event where we will explore the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can revolutionize the way nonprofits operate. Discover how AI technologies can enhance your organization’s ability to achieve its mission and make a lasting impact. Whether you’re a nonprofit professional or simply curious about the potential of AI, this event is for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn from experts in the field. Register now and unlock the potential of AI for your nonprofit!

Are you a nonprofit leader, staff, or volunteer who wants to learn how AI can help your organization achieve its mission? Do you want to discover some of the latest AI projects and products that can benefit the nonprofit sector? Do you want to hear from some of the experts and practitioners who are using AI effectively and ethically for nonprofits?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this webinar is for you!

Join us for a two-hour webinar where you will:
Learn about the benefits and challenges of using AI for nonprofits
Explore some of the best practices and tips for using AI for nonprofits
Discover some of the amazing AI projects and products
Engage with some of the speakers and panelists from the nonprofit and AI sectors
Get access to some of the resources and links for further learning and action on using AI for nonprofits
The webinar will be divided into four sessions:

*The Future of Artificial Intelligence : What is AI, what are its goals, what are its projects and products, how can it help nonprofits, etc.

*Guest speakers: What are useful AI products for nonprofits, what are its features, what are its solutions and use cases, how can it help nonprofits, etc.

Guest speker
The event will also feature a guest speaker from It’s a platform that combines the best of documents and spreadsheets with the power of AI helping your organization achieve its mission and make a lasting impact.

Guest speaker Elise Reichardt:
No-Code consultant. She helps positive-impact projects to boost their impact using No-Code tools. Over the past 2 years, she has guided more than 30 customers through their digital transformation process. Her favourite tools : Coda, Airtable and Softr. In order to provide more comprehensive support for projects, she co-founded the No-Code agency La Chaise à Bascule. Thier objective remains the same: to support projects that will make the world a better place. In parallel, she is involved in developing the French-speaking Coda community. With its flagship project: the Coda Tout Simplement YouTube channel!
Guest speaker 3 (a surprise)

*Panel Discussion: How to Use AI Effectively and Ethically for Nonprofits: Questions and answers with the speakers and panellists from the nonprofit and AI sectors.
*Conclusion: Summary, takeaways, thank you, resources, links, feedback, etc.

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