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Date(s) - 31/10/2023


Wellspring’s International Human Rights (IHR)


Wellspring’s International Human Rights (IHR) program builds a global human rights field that advances the full range of human rights as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; deters abusers and holds individual, state, and non-state perpetrators accountable for rights violations; prioritizes marginalized people and their equality, autonomy, and access to power; and employs transformative
approaches and strategies. IHR supports grantees to prevent human rights crimes; protect civilians in crises; ensure that human rights defenders can operate safely and legally; and hold individual, state, and
economic actors accountable for rights violations.

Background to this consultancy

Wellspring’s IHR Program grantees, advocating and working towards solutions, remedies, and accountability for human rights violations, deploy a range of advocacy tactics in combination. These include documentation and media exposure of abuses, policy and legal reform, demonstration of alternative policies and practice, pursuit of legal accountability through strategic litigation, the setting of norms to prevent human rights abuses, and generation of pressure on powerful actors to implement policies, change practice to fulfil rights and secure justice. A key cross-cutting Program imperative is for Wellspring’s grantmaking to support the participation or mobilization of those most impacted by rights violations.

Evaluation Objective and Purpose 

The proposed literature review seeks to analyze and synthesize existing research with reference to the above detailed Wellspring grantmaking areas, as well as another field that has established research on
community participation. Synthesizing available research will provide a foundation for the IHR program to better understand how the available evidence relates to its strategy around centering the lived
experience of those most impacted by human rights abuse, incorporate key findings into strategy and grant craft discussion with grantees, field partners, and consider future directions for more rigorous
research and/or evaluation of this research question and the IHR’s approach to advancing more durable human rights progress.

Invitation to Tender

Closing Date: 31 October 2023