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Date(s) - 20/09/2023


Date(s): Between 20 September and 13 December 2023

Requirements: 2-3 hours a month of engagement over zoom

Signe Jung Sorensen and I (Ajoy Datta) are offering a small cohort of leaders and managers a safe and supportive space to untangle, reflect on and find solutions to their leadership and management challenges and opportunities.

We’ll take an action learning approach where participants collaboratively find solutions to each other’s problems/issues.

Issues you might want to address include rebuilding trust after the pandemic, avoiding burn out amongst staff/colleagues, facilitating team/organisation wide learning, decolonising organisational practices and engaging with AI critically. Or they might be something else.

Our intention is to help you to work towards the following outcomes: a deeper awareness of the situation you find yourself in, improved leadership practices and connecting with a community of like minded professionals.

The course runs over 5 sessions between September 20th and December 13th and requires 2-3 hours a month of engagement over a zoom call.

The details are posted here in a linkedin post. Feel free to repost if you think this might be helpful for people in your network.

View our brochure online by clicking here.

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