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Date(s) - 25/05/2023


Date: 25th May 2023

Time: 4pm-5:30pm CET

Description: “It should be clear by now that evaluation must be fundamentally transformed to help transform society and address the interrelated, systemic policy dysfunctions at the local, national and global levels that have led humans to deplete the planet’s resources, aggravate inequalities and increase the vulnerability of society to recurrent, catastrophic disruptions in lives, jobs and social cohesion,” (Bob Picciotto, 2021).

The above quote is from the former Director-General of the Independent Evaluation Group with the World Bank (1992-2002). It underscores the need to reconsider evaluation if it is to be fit-for-purpose to support the transformational agenda of the 21st Century. Come join me during this webinar sponsored by the Vienna Evaluation Network to learn about the concept of transformation, why it is important for today and tomorrow, and how evaluation can meet the transformational moment.

Guest Speaker: Scott Chaplowe