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Date(s) - 18/07/2022
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Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance

The principal purpose of this evaluation during 2022 – 2025 will be to assess the design, implementation, and results of Gavi’s ZD agenda for the reduction of the prevalence of zero-dose children.

The evaluation will focus on the following four key objectives:

  • Evaluate the coherence and rationale of the Gavi’s ZD agenda in terms of the GAVI 5.0 aim of `leave no one behind with immunization
  • Evaluate the plausible contribution of grants initiated under Gavi 4.0, with continued implementation in Gavi 5.0, to achieving Gavi’s targets related to reaching ZD and missed communities
  • Assess the operationalisation of the ZD agenda through the Gavi 5.0 funding levers
  • Generate strategic lessons learned on the implementation of the ZD agenda to inform course correction and development of the Gavi 6.0 strategy

Invitation to Tender

Closing Date: 18 July 2022