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Date(s) - 12/07/2022
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The project was launched in November 2019 in the context of a rapid digital transformation and the thriving of information chaos characterized by a decline in the commitment of professional journalistic standards,
the thriving of disinformation, and a clear decline in the civil society’s trust in media. It represents a continuation of efforts in the region and builds on previous cooperation between the EU and UNESCO,
benefiting from the experiences and lessons learned gained within the projects “Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey – Phase 1” (completed in 2019), “Media Accountability in South East
Europe” (2013 – 2015), and “Alignment to International Standards in the Media Sector of South East European countries” (2009 – 2011).

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen freedom of expression and free, independent, and pluralistic media while empowering citizens, particularly the youth of the region, to critically engage with the
information they encounter through media, notably social media. In pursuit of this objective the project envisages activities to be implemented on three levels to achieve the following outcomes:

1) Youth MIL skills enhanced through the introduction of MIL in formal and non-formal educational systems;

2) Improved capacities of media outlets and young reporters to counter disinformation and misinformation;

3) Strengthened media accountability towards users thanks to sustainable self-regulation mechanisms.

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Closing Date: 12 July 2022