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Date(s) - 08/03/2023


Big Win Philanthropy


Big Win Philanthropy is seeking an independent evaluation consultant with experience of working in development and political contexts across the African continent to undertake an impact evaluation of two of its leadership programs: the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program (HMLP) and the African Mayoral Leadership Initiative (AMALI).

The purpose of this multi-year impact evaluation is to document and understand the impact of the HMLP and AMALI programs, to support Big Win’s monitoring and evaluation processes and to inform future developments and adaptations to our leadership programs. While the majority of evaluation activities will be conducted remotely, some travel within Africa for face-to-face engagements is anticipated.

The attached Request for Proposal provides further information regarding the evaluation, including the aim and objectives, scope, deliverables, the qualifications and experience required by the consultant, and requirements for proposals.

The deadline for proposals is 17.00 GMT on 08/03/2023. We will not be able to consider incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline. Ideally, we are looking for applications from individual consultants.

About Big Win Philanthropy Big Win Philanthropy partners with driven and committed African leaders to deliver on their transformational visions for children and young people. We seek to improve lives directly and to build demographic dividends for equitable economic growth, peace and security. Our core strategy centers around deliberate partnerships with African public sector leaders at the highest level (Presidents, Prime Minister, Ministers, Regional Heads, Governors and Mayors) to support execution of their priority initiatives. We believe that it is through these partnerships that we can deliver the most profound, sustainable and scaled impact on the life outcomes of young people, and ultimately contribute to countries’ and the continent’s economic growth and stability. To support this goal, and as a complement to our direct partnerships, Big Win aims to raise levels of ambition and catalyze effective implementation through leadership capacity building programs. By supporting the next generation of transformational leaders through peer-to-peer collaboration, training, and advisory support, we can help ensure sustainable, country-led development for decades to come.

Please submit proposals and any queries to

Closing Date: 8 March 2023