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Date(s) - 17/01/2023
All Day




Date: 17 January 2023

Cost: £349 (exc. VAT) per delegate


Outline of the course:

  • What is VfM? Including the 3E model and 4E (3E+Equity)
  • Framing a meaningful question: to create a proportionate VfM approach
  • The key VfM concepts: inputs, costs, outputs, outcomes, impacts
  • The art of the possible: assess opportunities and limitations for VfM analysis
  • Evidence and metrics: the building blocks of VfM understanding
  • Simplicity and communicating VfM: homing in on essential messages
  • Looking back: working with tools and ideas in delegates’ contexts

You will leave the course ready to immediately apply a new perspective on what you do every day. You will be equipped to think about VfM in practical and creative ways and have learned to explain and demonstrate VfM ideas to others, talk about how they are being applied and create, communicate and explain the results of analysis.