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Date(s) - 18/09/2023 - 10/10/2023


ITCILO International Training Centre of the ILO

Date: 18 September to 10 October 2023

The purpose of impact evaluation is to assess the relevance and effectiveness of a project, program or public policy that aims to bring about positive change, well-being, a target population, and to measure improvements based on predefined indicators. Measure change based on indicators that can be attributed to the development intervention. This type of impact assessment is usually undertaken over a defined period of time following an intervention, using a variety of techniques, including qualitative or quantitative data-based approaches that measure/compare the results achieved with what would have happened to the beneficiaries if the project/programme intervention had not taken place. Through this certification program, participants will design an impact evaluation of an intervention of their choice and put into practice what they learn throughout the program before being certified.

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