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Date(s) - 18/09/2023 - 03/11/2023


Host: IMA International
Date: 18/09/2023 – 03/11/2023

Our CPD accredited Knowledge Management (KM) online training course is a 7-week programme specifically designed for key personnel in NGOs, government, UN agencies and private sector organisations. You work from the comfort of your own home or office. Designed to fit around your schedule and allow you to learn when you learn best. You complete the paced course over 7 weeks with facilitated, scheduled live meetings, including four fixed date webinars. You will join a peer group of participants from different organisations and countries.

Practical exercises and reflection activities 5 guided 90-minute group webinars (recordings made available) Paired and peer group work Presentations and video inputs Written resources and links Relevant case studies Opportunity to apply KM and Knowledge Sharing (KS) tools in your workplace User-friendly platform for accessing all materials, presentations and resources, sharing with your peer group and uploading your regular assignments to a dedicated portfolio Scheduled access to mentors Personalised mentoring session within 3 months after the course:

Module 1: KM Fundamentals
Module 2: Making a case for KM
Module 3: Realising KM
Module 4: KM Environment
Module 5: KM Assessments
Module 6: Feedback
Module 7: Learning from failure
Module 8: Documentation and lessons learned
Module 9: Existing KS opportunities
Module 10: KS Methods
Module 11: KS Tools
Module 12: KM Strategy

Skills you will be able to apply after the course:
• advocate convincingly for effective knowledge sharing
• foster an enabling environment in your own organisation that encourages knowledge sharing
• conduct a knowledge management assessment of your organisation
• practically use knowledge sharing tools and techniques
• develop a knowledge management strategy to institutionalise KM practices within your organisation

How long: the 7 week programme will take between 30-40 hours to complete including: contact hours; self-study and reflection; peer and paired work; pre and post-course learning. You are awarded a KM certificate after completing the course and fulfilling all course criteria.