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Date(s) - 10/02/2023


Australian Volunteers Program


An opportunity for a team of researchers with interest and experience in qualitative research on volunteering.

The Australian Volunteers Program matches a broad range of skilled Australians with partner organisations overseas, to support these organisations to achieve their own development goals. The Australian Volunteers Program is a DFAT funded program, managed by AVI in a consortium with DT Global and Alinea International.

The Australian Volunteers Program aims to conduct research into the value of volunteering in a sample of countries. The aim of this research is to explore, through a series of country case studies conducted over multiple years, how key stakeholders perceive and understand the value of volunteering within their country: the benefits volunteering brings, its impact (positive and negative), and its contribution, if any, to supporting locally led change for equitable social development.

The program is seeking to contract a research team to support this work. The first phase and initial contract under this RFQ covers the design of a research approach. The program will tender, and contract, for only the first phase initially, but with the expectation that the contract with the selected research partner will be extended, based on satisfactory completion of phase one, to also cover the second phase.

The Request for Quotation and the Terms of Reference can be downloaded on via this link: 

Interested candidates are invited to submit their proposal by 10 February 2023; 12:00 AEST