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Date(s) - 15/05/2023




Contract Value: 25,000 USD

Anticipated Dates of Project: 18 May – 31 August 2023

This project will develop a resource pack for cities on delivering inclusive climate action with a focus on inclusion of disabled people (PwDs).

This resource pack will help cities deliver their commitments under C40 Accelerators in a way that is inclusive and just, with a particular focus on the C40 Clean Air Accelerator and the C40 Green and Healthy Streets Accelerator.

Sub-deliverables (#):
1. A desk review
2. A fact sheet on who are disabled people, what are their needs and why their inclusion in climate action is key to city resilience building and delivering a just transition (demonstrating and making the case for the connection between inclusion of disabled people and climate action)
3. Recommendations to guide component development for the resource pack
4. A series of Inclusive Climate Action Policy Briefs (number TBC – min 2 max
4) to equip cities with tools to ensure that their climate actions and just transition efforts benefit disabled people, leaving no one behind.
5. An executive summary & recommendations for further support to cities on delivering inclusive climate action and a just transition that is inclusive – of – and benefits disabled people.


Invitation to Tender

Closing Date: 15 May 2023