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Date(s) - 31/08/2023


Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Deadline: 31st August 2023
Contract Value: 6,5 M€ for 4+1 yrs (maximum value)
Anticipated Dates of Project: January 2024 – December 2028

Description: MFA Finland commissions all evaluations, syntheses, assessments and reviews to independent evaluators and expert teams. Due to the volume of concurrent evaluations and the limited human resources, the model based on commissioning requires external services in order to be efficient. The rationale for the framework arrangement is to provide a new service-based management and facilitation of evaluations. The service-based approach allows a more flexible use of evaluation expertise, also during the planning phase. The Framework for Evaluation Management Services (EMS) also strengthens a coordinated approach to the multiple parallel evaluations commissioned, thus increasing effectiveness and synergies. The use of framework arrangements provides interaction for learning and accumulating knowledge within the development evaluation unit and operational departments of the MFA. The framework facilitates deepening the understanding on organizational issues as well as on thematic topics.

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