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Date(s) - 05/10/2023


Fairtrade Foundation

Deadline: 5th October 2023
Timeframe: October 2023 – February 2024
Type: Consultancy
Budget: 30,000 GBP

We are seeking a consultancy or research group to conduct a study which compares the climate and environmental impact of smallholder coffee farming to coffee production on large-scale plantations. We are interested in understanding the differences between smallholder and plantation-based coffee production in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity and agro-biodiversity, and deforestation, as well as determining the main (social, economic, political, and geographic) drivers of variance within each mode of production.

The main objective of this research study is to provide Fairtrade, partners, and consumers with an understanding of the environmental impacts (greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use, biodiversity, deforestation) associated with smallholder coffee farming when compared to large-scale plantations in several countries in Latin America. The methodology will be largely desk-based with opportunities to engage with Fairtrade staff across the global system for interviews.

The ToR for this assignment can be found on the Fairtrade Foundation website.

Please contact CJ Stanton with any questions or to submit your expression of interest at

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