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31-31 Aug 2023
MA Programs – Academic Year 2023-2024
4-13 Sep 2023
MEAL Training: Face-to-Face or Online, August and November 2023
4-27 Sep 2023
Online Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Training
18-10 Sep 2023
Online Certification Programme Impact Evaluation of Policies, Programmes and Projects
18-10 Sep 2023
Online Impact Assessment Certification Program
18-3 Sep 2023
Online Knowledge Management Training
21-28 Sep 2023
Training: eStudy 130: Using Word and Excel to Analyze Qualitative Data
25-16 Sep 2023
'Digital Analytics for M&E' and 'Developing National Evaluation Systems in the Public Service'
25-31 Sep 2023
Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan for Food Security and Agriculture Programmes
25-31 Sep 2023
How to Monitor and Promote Policy Changes on Governance of Tenure
25-31 Sep 2023
Monitoring and Evaluation of Child Labour in Agriculture
25-31 Sep 2023
Proposals for Academic Books and Edited Collections in Humanities and Social Sciences
25-31 Sep 2023
Qualitative Methods for Assessing the Impact of Development Programmes on Food Security
25-29 Sep 2023
25-31 Sep 2023
Theory-Based Impact Evaluation for Rural Poverty Reduction
27-28 Sep 2023
Improve Your Training and Facilitation Skills at the Session Design Lab
28-28 Sep 2023
Migration: Understanding Conflict and Climate-Related Patterns
28-28 Sep 2023
NLP-CoP Meeting: "Natural Language Processing at the World Bank Independent Evaluation Group"
28-28 Sep 2023
Using ChatGPT and To Analyse Qualitaitive Data